Safeguarding Children

Safeguarding your child

Old Hall School is committed to safeguarding your child and to following the recommendations laid out in the Children Act 2004.

To enable all children and young people to achieve their potential, they should:

  • Have their basic needs met.
  • Enjoy the medical, educational, pleasure and welfare services necessary for a healthy and positive childhood.
  • Live in a safe environment protected from exploitation, abuse or harm.
  • Feel loved and valued and be supported by a network of reliable and affectionate relationships.
  • Have a positive image of themselves and a secure sense of identity including cultural and racial identity.
  • Be consulted and have views taken into account on all matters and decisions that affect their lives.
  • Be helped to develop good inter-personal skills and confidence in social situations to enable them to become competent in looking after themselves and coping with everyday living.
  • Where there is a conflict of interest between parents and children, and in all decisions relating to their future, the child’s interest must be given primary consideration.

There is a designated person for Child Protection, should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the school.