School Sport Fund

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The Government is providing extra money to schools to improve the provision of Physical Education (PE) & sport in schools. Schools must spend the money on improving the provision of PE & sport but we can decide how we do this.

Possible uses can include:-

  • Paying for specialist PE teachers or sports coaches to work with school staff.
  • Paying for training for school staff.
  • Paying for cover when school staff are on PE related courses.
  • Running or taking part in sports competitions & sporting activities.
  • Buying equipment for sport or PE.


At Old Hall, due to the needs of our pupils, our money is mainly used to buy in sports coaches to work alongside our own staff to provide opportunities for staff development & to buy PE equipment .  We are especially pleased that we have developed a programme of activities to provide PE opportunities & extensions to physical management programmes for our pupils with the most complex needs.